Alireza Soltany Noory

A bit about me

The idea is to establish a business which is durable, effective and also efficient. Existing consulting companies usually operate in only one direction, but STC will take a new path. We are building on the dual pillars of effectiveness and efficiency with a view to offering stable and high-quality advice. Because only if both pillars are optimally put into practice can long-lasting improvement for clients and a stable basis for our company be created.

Effectiveness is built up from clear and unambiguous goals which are not only achievable but also palpable and measurable. Efficiency, on the other hand, concerns how much performance is hidden away in a company and how this potential can be used in a more efficient manner. This is the path to stable, robust and high-quality advice from Soltany Training & Consulting, or STC.

My Guiding principles

Our company, STC, rises to the challenge of being a competent provider for our customers in the future in all problem situations. This implies that we either have the appropriate expertise within the company or have the necessary partners at our side to advise our clients on a holistic basis.

Our guiding principles are:

  1. Offering a professional service
  2. Seeing problems as challenges and creating solutions
  3. Further developing employees both internally and externally
  4. Loyalty to a company makes a family of it
  5. Working with key figures not for the key figures
  6. Standards should help not hinder
  7. Making wastage measurable
  8. The focus should be on the person not the method
  9. Designing the process from the inside out

Our Approach

Holistic Consulting in interaction of process, human & culture

  • we optimize your processes along your value stream op,
  • we improve your management and your workers,
  • and build a culture for constructive teamplay,
  • to lead your company to sustained success.

We are convinced of the importance of changing and developing things. The will to go new ways is the base of every success. Therefore we strive for holistic solutions. Thereby the mediation of lean thinking is a priority. Just when management and employees independently work on the processes and achieve continuous improvement we have finished our work.

Making any wastage measurable is important to us, as is deploying strict project management to ensure 100% transparency and a structured approach. We will provide determined support in dealing with your challenges and assist you in carrying out the necessary measures by ACTIVELY supporting you in the direct implementation at the location where the added value is to be created. We are guided by your goals.