Agile Management


Your Market


The conditions in your market are always changing – due to innovative and disruptive technologies, changes in legislation or new requirements set by your customers. This is where agile management can be extremely valuable for your business.



Agile management helps you as you work towards realigning your company to respond flexibly and proactively to these changes. You can use agile management to establish your agile company structure on the one hand and then use lean management to anchor this as a permanent part of your enterprise.

Our methods expertise

Agile Methoden

Here you can exploit the benefits that the kanban method offers your production teams, for example. Or you can apply agile Scrum methods to your development processes. Soltany Training & Consulting provides you with a team of experts for handling any agile management topics, from kanban and Scrum to many other kinds of agile approaches. We work with you to organise your entire company along agile lines.


Agile and flexible production




Flexible, proactive production with the kanban approach. Reap the benefits of this agile production method.

Agile management with Scrum


The Scrum method ensures that your new development projects can be managed in a rapid and goal-oriented manner. Make the most of these agile methods!