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Your potential

Take the next steps with your company and develop yourself with our academy services. Lean managament contains a wide range of methods, KPI's and tools to increase your efficiency significantly.

Your requirement

Our sustained support for you as customer includes coachings and seminars to enable you to optimize your value stream by yourself. Our coaching services contain inhouse and external coachings and seminars for the most important methods and tools of lean management.

Our knowledge

Increase your knowledge of lean management with Soltany Training & Consulting. We offer you decades of experience in implementation of lean management methods at the shopfloor, coaching of employees and analysing and optimizing processes.


Our Coachingservices


Lean Seminars

We offer you lean seminars for all of the lean management methods, including: TPM, SMED, PPS, VSA/VSD and much more. Learn to see the value stream and how to optimize it in our seminars, coachings and workshops at our fix termins or, if requested, inhouse at your company.

Online Trainings

We also offer you the option to take all of the trainings as online trainigs. That way you can save up time and money. You can attend our online trainings from anywhere with the standard tools like ms teams, zoom or any other tool you like.

Podcast: Soltany Leancast

In our Soltany Leancast we talk about the different topics, like: KPI's, e-change or about different sectors as industry, gastronomy, digital sector and more from a lean perspective. We talk about culture, methods and organisation and how to optimize your business.


Lean Glossar

In our lean glossary you find all the important terms for lean management.


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