Lean Administration

Hidden potential in your company is not just confined to the value chain in your production units. Your administrative departments also make use of processes that you can optimise. If you apply lean administration methods to administrative work in your company, you will be able to handle customer orders more promptly, for example, as well as processing invoices faster and cutting your material procurement costs.

Lean Administration


Action areas

Your administrative department is an important part of your company because it supports your production teams while sharing responsibility for optimising your value creation. Ideally, your administrative procedures should link seamlessly to your production processes and support them in the following areas:

  • Procurement
  • HR management
  • Invoicing
  • Management accounting, and more…

DThis kind of integration can be achieved only with a corresponding level of organisation, however, which you establish with lean administration methods.


Efficient order processing with lean administration

With the aid of lean methods, we can work together to optimise both your order processing as well as invoicing and other processes used by the administrative teams within your enterprise.


Optimising procurement

Optimise your procurement to keep material purchasing costs low and, more importantly, ensure the security of supply to your production processes. Well-oiled procurement workflows are needed to ensure your production can work at maximum capacity.