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Your value creation

Use lean projects to improve the organisation and design of your value creation processes. Working with our experts, you can eliminate wastes and maximise your level of value creation.

Your processes

Drawing on our expertise from value stream mapping to total productive maintenance and SMED, you can optimise not only your processes and OEE but also the level of quality you achieve in your production.

Our forward-looking approach

We are your partner of choice because we improve your processes while helping your employees to develop, so as to ensure that the human-machine-organisation triad can make the most of lean and efficient working practices going forward.


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Total Productive Maintenance

Lean Projekt

Total productive maintenance (TPM) gives you a tried-and-tested, systematic approach to organising your production.

Practical problem-solving

Find and resolve problems using the lean management toolbox. Discover a repertoire of methods for the targeted handling of the challenges that you face in your company each and every day.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Lean Projekt

This important production KPI provides you with a valuable basic set of data for tracking quality, availability and performance while boosting value creation.


Value Stream Mapping

Lean Projekt

With value stream mapping, you consider your entire value stream from customer to supplier in order to identify untapped potential.


The SMED method lets you optimise your changeover times to respond more quickly and more flexibly to customer requirements.

Quality management

Lean Projekt

Getting quality management right lets you cut down rework time while visibly improving your levels of customer satisfaction.