Shopfloor Management


Your communications

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Shop floor management allows you to set new standards for communications and organisation within your company. The bigger an organisation, the more complex its structures then become. We help you to set up an efficient and targeted structure for your communications, to ensure that decision-makers and those in positions of responsibility get the information they need in real time.

Your management team

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Every new development also implies a change. This means that it is important you give your management team an appropriate set of powers for the shop floor management rollout in your company, so as to introduce and maintain a constructive corporate culture and a successful change management process. We also help your management staff to develop where value itself is created.

Our experience for your development

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In addition, we set up information hubs, create suitable shop floor boards, implement meeting rules and much more besides. During this organisational development, you can increase process efficiency on the one hand while also boosting employee satisfaction.


Fit for the future with shop floor management


Continuous improvement process

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Tap into your employees’ potential with the right corporate culture. Start your own continuous improvement process.

Change Management

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Optimisation is a change and every type of change comes with its own challenges. And these challenges can be mastered with the right change management system.