One-to-one coaching: Shaping the Future


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At our Locations

30 Units each 45 Minutes


One-to-one coaching: Shaping the Future 922/277/21

As specialists in method training, we apply our tried-and-tested coaching strategies to support you as you seek to acquire the skills and abilities that will qualify you to shape your future according to your own personal needs and expectations.



Modules: 24 units (á 45 min)

Our coaching course: ‘One-to-one coaching: Shaping the Future’ gives you 8 modules to support your individual development:

  • 360° Feedback
  • Life Flow
  • Action area analysis
  • Practical problem-solving
  • Time management
  • SWOT analysis
  • Self-reflection
  • Action plan

Specialist units: +6 units (á 45 min)

You can select extra coaching units individually to take a deeper dive into key modules you are interested in by arrangement with your coach.


A finishing line with a future

After completing your course, you will have a structured and fully scheduled roadmap that gives you

  • a precise definition of your goal and your priorities,
  • the skills that you need to work on – and WHERE, and
  • the actions you need to take – and HOW

to achieve your goal. You leave us with a clear vision and a detailed plan of how to transform it into reality.


Graduates with work experience

You are a college graduate and have career experience in a position relevant for your degree? With our support, you will find the job that matches your personal needs and life circumstances, while also getting to know yourself better as an individual. We show you how to acquire the methods that you need for your personal development and which you can also apply in your daily working life.

Coachings for academics

Specialists with work experience

You have completed an apprenticeship and have several years of work experience in your profession? We help you to find a position in a career that is a good fit to your future plans and goals. We assist you in defining your personal priorities. You’ll then learn methods for self-organisation and personal development, which will help you make progress towards your goal.

Specialists coaching

Career starters

You have just completed your degree course or apprenticeship and are now looking for a position that is a good match for your strengths and requirements and will help you achieve what you want from life? We guide you towards finding the right job while also discovering more about yourself.

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