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Our experience shows that we are one of the best implementation consultancies in Germany.

We don't talk, we implement

Above all, our strength lies in our ability to realize thereotic potential

We come not to stay

Our aim is to enable you to implement your lean projects independently

We work holistically

A company cannot be improved in parts, which is why we provide holistic support. In all areas, with knowledge, experience, equipment, templates and lean training for your employees

We live lean management

Lean management is not a system that you apply. It is a culture that you have to live.

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Our project structure

Lean projects

We have a proven standard for the implementation of our projects. The focus is always on the employees, because without the commitment and will of the colleagues on site, no success is sustainable.

  • StartAnalysis phase

    This phase is about finding the right levers to convert the required increase in efficiency into effectiveness.
  • Concept phase

    Development of concepts to realize the potential discovered.
  • Implementation phase

    Realization of the concepts and implementation of the necessary structures and routines / standards.
  • End of stabilization phase

    Checking and correcting the standards introduced until they run automatically in the process.

Our offer to you

A flexible project framework is required for optimum results. As a lean management consultancy, we offer our clients maximum flexibility. They sign a framework agreement without obligations and can then book resources from us as required.

This allows you to flexibly call on our support for your projects depending on the project status, your own options and priorities.

No minimum purchase obligation

Maximum flexibility

No risks

You determine the progress